Product Systems & Support

Multi-vendor relationships with industry-leading manufacturers coupled with our commitment to remain ahead of the curve on digital trends, allows us to be uniquely positioned to provide the most reliable technology solutions for your business

Whether you're looking for cyber security solutions to protect your data and intellectual property, fully configured high-end enterprise servers to store & serve data and improve business operations, network infrastructure systems to improve data transport, or power distribution / conditioning / backup systems to keep your datacenter running, we have it for you!

Solution Provider

More than just a middle man

A Value Added Reseller (VAR) does more than just resell products. A good VAR isn’t a box pusher; they’re a solution provider. They add extra value to the customer as well as the manufacturer (the “vendor”), by giving advice, offering additional services like consulting, engineering, implementation, customization and beyond. VARs are always looking to help educate their customers and prospective customers.

One of the strongest benefits offered by a VAR is just plain insight. With a constant eye on the wider market, a VAR can develop their own snapshot of how similar businesses operate, and then apply this knowledge and experience to their customers who, in turn, don’t have to earn this wisdom the hard way. Simply put, — a business partnered with a VAR has access to all the insight that the VAR has gained working with similar businesses, providing a competitive advantage and allowing for faster growth.

More and more organizations are turning to VARs for assistance with complex IT projects that are too demanding or time-consuming for in-house resources. ELEVI comprehensively handles the project needs of our clients from concept to installation through support and beyond.

A VAR can also act as a single point of contact between multiple IT vendors, making it easier for organizations to purchase and manage a variety of technologies. VARs are frequently referred to as trusted advisors, and many seek to establish long-term relationships with their customers.

Value Added Reseller

It's a proven fact that VAR's offer the customer more support and options than buying straight from the OEM vendor ever will. According to Gartner research, value-added resellers can provide resources critical to the success of network technology adoption and refreshes, and can be vital to negotiating significant discounts with OEM's.

Product Showcase

ELEVI’s knowledge is key

The sophistication of today’s technology adds significant complexity to technology procurement fundamentals, making it difficult for many businesses to figure out how to unleash the full benefits and harness the power.